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5/31/12 03:12 pm - [sticky post] - Alert!

If you came here looking for my Simming escapades, they're over at alkesims.

8/4/14 10:19 pm

Uh... don't know if anybody still reads this but, well... I've moved over to Tumblr pretty much entirely. I still post my Sims stuff over at alkesims, but I've started also posting it on my Simblr of the same name, and most of my personal blogging goes on

Just so you know, if you're still watching this space!

2/19/14 05:16 pm - Life Plan 0.628

If Andrew ends up inheriting his parents' farm, we're gonna use it to grow hops and brew beer. I'd be marketing director. Fuck yeah.
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10/3/13 09:00 pm

I found the Wikiquote list of Last Words and was reminded of a bit of family lore.

My great-great-grandmother (all maternal) had 17 children over the course of her life. Raising 17 children on a grain farm in southern Hungary in the mid-1800s, you may imagine, was bloody exhausting, but she did it uncomplainingly until one night when she was about 45. As she was going up to bed, she turned to a small gaggle of older kids and said, "Someone else will need to make breakfast in the morning. Goodnight to you all."

She died that night in her sleep.
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9/20/13 11:21 am - Drugs are your friends, kids.

So I've finally got the right mix of happy pills, and now my back goes out. I'd almost be willing to say it's kinda worse than the depression at times because at least when I was depressed, I didn't want to do anything when I was unable to get out of bed. Now I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA DO STUFF AND RUN ABOUT AND YELL INTO A MICROPHONE AND SHIT but I have to lie PERFECTLY STILL on my face in bed or it's like somebody's slamming a branding iron into my lower back.

And then Mike comes home and throws his old TE3s at me and it's alllllll gooooood, man. But he is at work right now so I'm just kind of staving off tears when I'm sitting upright and popping Advils.

6/27/13 12:07 pm - Just to let y'all know I'm still alive.

Today's hair colours: Blue Velvet and High-Octane Orange.

Also the reason I am barely posting at all over here is because I'm putting my hilarity into alkesims.

4/8/13 11:53 am - A couple of things.

Sorry for a) never posting and b) having the first order of business in this post be so glum. I've been diagnosed with a severe and chronic mental illness. I've been suffering, physically and emotionally, for so long that I can't even tell how long it's been. However, that aside, I'm finally getting treatment for it and may soon resemble something closer to Mordin Solus after a few Irish coffees than the hermit crab people are used to.

Speaking of Mass Effect, I've been playing so many first-person/over-the-shoulder games on PC that I keep putting my left hand on WASD when I'm playing goddamn Sims.

2/13/13 08:05 pm - When People Complain about My Fave Prof

So I was talking with a co-student earlier and a prof we share (who happens to be my favourite) comes up. This is three weeks after a seminar period where I was the only person who had a presentation less than 15 minutes long, let alone within the asked-for time of three minutes and less than a week after a seminar period for our ten-minute-max term paper presentations (which I couldn't attend, being unable to speak).

"So you know how she said that there were only a few people, so we could afford to go a little long?" he started.
"Well, guess what she did!"
"She cut you off?" I posited, with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes! She just asked me if I was watching the time!"
"Well, how long was your presentation?"
"Twenty minutes! Exactly what she asked for!"
"........................she asked for TEN."
He looked at me like I'd just swung a dead cat at him.

Am I the only person in that class who isn't LONG-WINDED AS FUCK/reads the requirements?

1/30/13 07:28 pm - Grateful for my hometown, hth

A young man, Rodrigo Diaz, was killed in Gwinnett County, Georgia on Saturday. He pulled into a driveway momentarily after receiving bad directions from a GPS, and the owner of the driveway grabbed a gun, ran out and fired a shot into the air. As the young man was reversing out of the driveway and rolling down his window and shouting frantic apologies, the gunman, a 69-year-old 'Nam vet, shot him in the head through the windshield while his girlfriend and two friends in the car watched in horror.

I guess this one just strikes me because I was scrolling down and had a fleeting, terrified thought that it was Dan. Same age, same hair, same eyes.

I don't know that I can ever take Dan to such a place and still feel safe.

I also learned recently that my dad actually had a gun in the house until I was about 2. A starter's pistol, nothing powerful, just noisy and gun-like. He got rid of it for our safety.

1/6/13 06:11 pm - Random Fact (turns into Storytime)

The "problem solving: needs improvement" tag in my journal comes from the one constant in my elementary school report cards. Well, actually, it was "Conflict Resolution: Needs Improvement," but that was because (before Grade 4) I was getting beaten up/brought to tears at least once a week and telling Teacher or (during and after Grade 4) I sent someone to the hospital and swore at other kids.

Man, I haven't even told anybody about the hospital thing. I must be an adult or something.Collapse )
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